Incoming – Hot Toys 16″ Alien Warrior

12 10 2006

Hot Toy’s 16″ Alien Warrior has touched down in my home! 16″ mind you! That’s taller than than those Predators! Sci-fi monsters don’t any closer to being an icon than those vicious beasties in the Alien movies. These guys start off in life in one of those big ugly slimy eggs that sends shivers down your spine if you ever come across one! When they are ready to see the work, out they come in the form a pale looking parasitic scorpion… except this one is a lot larger.


If you are lucky enough to be within their jumping distance, you can be sure these face-huggers are going to… er… well as the name suggest… hug your face! It is probably the most terrifying experience to have this creepy crawlie hanging onto you but what’s really creepy is that it plants an alien egg in you through your mouth!

Pretty shitty huh?

Well that’s not the end. You can probably kill the face-hugger to avenge your trauma but be assured that the worst is yet to come. Over the next few days, you will develop a tummy ache. Then you may feel that something is moving within you. And then the end will come…

The alien birthed within you will slowly tear or eat its way out of your body and inevitably kill you – the host. Will you are lying in your pool of blood gasping the last breath of air, you see the little bugger scuttling to who knows where. In time that little guy will become an Alien Warrior!

So now you have it, the short summary of the warpath of this sci-fi monstrosity. Aren’t you glad that it’s sci-fi? Watch for the review!




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20 10 2006
Review - Hot Toys 16″ Alien Warrior « SWFTOYS - Reviews, Showcase and Musings

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