Comics – WildCATS/Cyber Force: Killer Instinct

10 10 2006

WildCATS/Cyber Force: Killer Instinct 
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WILDC.A.T.S, Cyber Force, Stormwatch, Wetworks… These were the names of my favourite superhero teams during the landmark period of the formation of Image Comics. Collecting comics as a kid, I fed myself on the comics industry news from newsletters and Wizard.

Then the monumental exodus of some high-profile comic illustrators from top comic publishing houses to form Image Comics happened in 1992. We have artists like Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane and Whilce Portacio coming together under one roof. To the comic fandom, there could not be better news.

Anyway, I moved with Jim and Marc over to Image from their X-Men titles at Marvel. Naturally, I was hungry for their new superhero teams. However, though the art was great, the premise of the stories seemed to lack something. Maybe it was the start of something new. But the only team that made a deep impression on me was Stormwatch. I really liked the story and the artwork of the first few issues. Too bad there is no TPB out there for these issues.

I picked up this WILDC.A.T.S – Cyber Force crossover mainly for the art and nostalgia. I wanted to relive some of those moments back during my first comic collecting days. Sad to say my memory had been wiped clean of the storylines. It could be a good thing because I could read them like new again!

As I read through Killer Instinct, I recognised most of the WILDC.A.T.S members like Grifter, Zealot, Maul, Spartan and Warblade. For Cyber Force, only Ripclaw came to my mind. I could not differentiate between Stryker and Heatwave for a while and I wondered who was the leader in Cyber Force!

Killer Instinct’s story is not really captivating. I believe it is because it continues story concepts from both teams’ titles which I have yet to be re-aquainted with. It’s a very fanboy story which is what Jim and Marc had in mind when they created it. They mentioned in last pages of this trade that they wanted to create their own clawed beastie and throw them together for a fight! That was the energy of Image Comics then.

Talking about the clawed beastie called Warblade, I remember creating my own hero mirroring this fella. I also learnt to draw those shiny surfaces like the armour on Warblade. Pretty fun stuff back then.

Nevertheless, the art was great. Between Jim and Marc, I still prefer Jim because his take on characters are tight and proportions seemed better. Marc is very good except that his take on faces do not look fab all the time unlike Jim.

Anyway, it’ll be a dream for me if they release the TPBs for the first issues of WILDC.A.T.S and Cyber Force. I was really excited when I first collected them in their individual issues. I don’t mind reliving some of that again!




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