Review – Hot Toys 14″ Chopper Predator

8 10 2006

Alien related movies are aplenty. But movies with cool alien creatures are not too common. Fortunately, the Predator is one of those super-cool alien creations the movies have conceived. Also known as Yautja, the Predator has appeared in 3 big-production movies so far – Predator, Predator 2 and AVP. My favourite of the 2 would be the first movie with its sequel coming close. AVP was a let down but I would still watch it to see so many Predators in action. Another reason to catch AVP would be to see the Scar, Celtic, Chopper and Elder all in one film!

These are the Predators that Hot Toys has acquired the licence to produce in their movie line. When Scar and Celtic were first announced, Pred-fans went nuts after seeing the product photos on their website. Those photos were so cool and the figures looked real detailed – real good news for 12″ collectors! Standing at a right scale of 14″ it will tower over all your 12″ figures! Another fantastic reason to get it!

After getting Celtic and Scar, I have recently acquired Chopper and Elder as well. First to be reviewed here would be Chopper! Honestly, I still do not have the slightest idea why this Predator would have a name such as Chopper! Chopper means different things to different people… does this Predator has a chopper in its knife collection or does it ride a chopper bike? Incidentally, I was watching American Chopper while I was fixing this guy! No kidding!

Anyway, let’s get to the review!


Largely similar in body type and construct to the Celtic and the Scar. Differences in the accessories and armour. Great details and accessories make Hot Toy’s Predators a winner. Fixing certain parts require caution. It’s better that you plan the order of fixing the Predator before proceeding. The connector wires from the mask to the plasmacaster tends to rust. Although rather pricey, it is the best proper scaled Predator figure fit for 12″ collectors. Go get it!

What’s good:

  • Beautiful and collector-friendly packaging.
  • Fantastic details on the figure and accessories.
  • A lot of accessories.
  • Accurate height of 14″ gives the Predator an intimidating presence on your display shelves!
  • Rather stable for this top-heavy figure.

What could be better:

  • Metal connectors from the mask to the plasmacaster will rust.
  • Predator head is a tough fix. Not forgiving when removing is required.
  • Display base is not suitable for a figure this big!
  • Elastic strap for the 2 skulls accessory snaps easily!
  • Pricey.

Review Details


As with the Scar and Celtic Predators, the packaging comes with a beautifully embossed sleeve. Removing it reveals a matte printed box with a velcro secured flap that gives a preview of the figure inside. Removing the figure from the box required no cutting at all. Arrangement of the placement of its contents was rather well thought out. They are divided into 2 trays with a cover layer over it. Very collector friendly!

See this post for pictures of the packaging.


I had yet to take a picture of the Predator’s face without its mask. But the sculpt of the face is very beautiful. It is complete with the 4 mandibles surrounding its mouth as well as details on its skin. Add the dreadlocks and those menacing eyes, you get the alien hunter dead on.

Quality of Product

The quality of this product is pretty good. The Predator body has good articulations with the paint accentuating its muscles. The netting gear comes with hooks for securing the back after it is worn. It is a challenge to wear it but not too tough.

The head of the Predator is again a very tight and tough fit. It was difficult to get the head secured onto the neck stub. It took me several tries to finally pop it in. After that, I realised that I had forgotten to present it its skull necklace like a good Hawaii ambassador! So begun the equally stressful task to pop out the head. It came off alright but the seal at the base of the neck became detached as it was tightly fixed onto the neck stub! My goodness! Thankfully, the fit could still be fitted on securely despite this mishap!

The details on the armour is unbelievable. Take a look at its gauntlet, boots, mask… basically all armour parts. The self-destruct device on its left arm even has a flap that reveals the red LEDs when opened! The right gauntlet possess the infamous twin serated blades. Both gauntlets are finished with a metallic look that looks really well weathered!

A difference in the armour of the Chopper from the Scar or Celtic is the boot design. Chopper comes with ‘bladed’ boots. They are really cool… and sharp so be careful. Nice touch.


Although the Predator is top heavy due to its head, dreadlocks, armour and accessories, it was rather stable even on surfaces with a noticeable gradient. The trick is to get its CG right. However, I would still recommend using the display stand. However, the display stand is disappointing. With Chopper being the 3rd/4th Predator release from Hot Toys, they still come with the standard 12″ display stands. These stands are not adequate as they cannot reach the waist of the Predator without 90% of the supporting clasp to be exposed from the plastic stand.

What you have is a base that is stable but a wobbly stand. You would need to adjust the height of the metal clasp to get decent support. What I did was to clasp the stand to the figure’s thigh.


Hot Toys’ Predators score well in the accessories department. Included with the figure were a skull necklace, the plasmacaster, trophy with 2 skulls, combi stick, smart disk opened and closed, short blade and wires for the activation of the plasmacaster. The skull trophy is the different accessory included with the Chopper that is not available with the Scar or Celtic.

All these accessories are marked with details. For example, the short blade comes sheathed in a beautiful scabbard, the great-looking plasmacaster can be adjusted to point in the desired direction and the combi stick extends and retracts just like in the movies!

However, there were some disappointments. The elastic strap used for the trophy for strapping behind the Predator snapped easily when I was navigating it among the numerous dreadlocks. A tougher material could have been used. The wire connectors from the mask to the plasmacaster will rust after sometime. Very distressing… The short blade does not attach to the shin armour very securely.


Hot Toys’ Chopper Predator is no doubt continuing in the excellent standard set by the Scar and Celtic Predators. It comes with more interesting accessories than its predecessors. The copper-colored mask is a welcome as well given that the previous 2 predators came with the same metallic looking masks. The gripes mentioned in this review is not enough to negate this figure’s good points. A must-get for Predator fans!




9 responses

27 10 2006

Great review. No pic of it’s face, though, huh?


27 10 2006

Sorry Dino, I forgot to remove its mask in the midst of the shoot! 🙂 Maybe I’ll do next time to compare their faces… hmm…

7 04 2007

Try a lub it makkes the head go on better also works on the worrior hip joints

7 04 2007

Hi Gyro, thanks for the tip!

8 08 2007

is it a full sized costum

9 11 2007

Hello All.
I just boight a chooper predator by hot toys.
Any tips on putting it together?

28 04 2010
Dennys A.

Interested in selling my new in box Chopper predator

3 09 2010

I have to say that this predator is worth alot but not like 1000 dollars. It does have very good detail and the gaggets are just phenaminal

9 10 2014
custom predator figures

custom predator figures

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