Showcase – Making Special Mention of Hasbro’s Count Dooku

5 10 2006

When a 12″ collector thinks of Hasbro’s 12″ line, you will find them mouthing a ‘yucks’ if they are not critical of the manufacturers already. The only consolation for collectors is probably the lower-cost customising potential that prevents them from totally writing off this line.

Well, I have a 12″ Count Dooku figure from Hasbro. I must admit that I love it! I believe the Count Dooku from Hasbro is a rare gem in mass-produced 12″ products! I first noticed how much this figure resembled Christopher Lee’s Count Dooku when I took it out of the box.

The look and feel of this figure makes you take a second look to comprehend why this figure seemed so excellently made and seemingly similar to 12″ figures meant for the collectors. One notorious flaw in Hasbro’s 12″ line is that figures have inaccurate facial sculpt.

Take a look at Darth Maul and Qui Gon Jinn. The regular version has Darth Maul looking like a off-duty clown – tired from a day of entertaining kids. The only decent Darth Maul sculpt is probably the Maul with speeder and the Sith Lords pack. Qui Gon looks like some grandpa except the actor it is supposed to resemble – Liam Neeson.

Other flaws include gloves that look like oven mitts, boots that look like snow-boots, oversized helmets, poor stability and the list goes on. Well, maybe I am asking too much from a product line with products that cost less than a Marmit or Kotobukiya. But with Sideshow coming into the picture, we find that quality figures CAN come at a reasonable price!

The most obvious flaw to this Count Dooku figure is probably the not-to-scale lightsaber. Otherwise it’s a fantastic figure for its price!

Anyway, check out Count Dooku’s pics below.




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