Comics – X-Men Visionaries

4 10 2006

X-Men Visionaries by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee

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So I’m back reading stuff pencilled by Jim Lee again. This time it is the X-Men Visionaries TPB by Jim Lee and Chris Claremont.

Jim Lee had called his work in the comics collected in this TPB as ‘raw’ and rightly so because the pencils in the starting 2 issues are really different from what Jim draws later in his career. I even had to check the credits and flip to the later issues to check if Jim drew all issues in this trade! It’s a good experience to see the progress of one of the best pencillers in the industry come of age and went on to capture the hearts of many readers!

As I read the trade, I remembered the comic covers that I had previously owned. Although I cannot recall the story of those issues, I remember I bought them because of Jim. I simply love his take on Wolverine in the brown costume and the macho take on Magneto! Simply beautiful!

This trade would be my first re-education of the X-Men past storylines. From time to time I will go onto the Internet to understand more of the history of the characters as at the time of this trade. Honestly, I’m still pretty lost to the development of the characters. I guess there’s really a lot to catch-up on!

Another great touch to this TPB is the inclusion of one issue of X-Men classic! Surprisingly, it is a good read.




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