TIMRAM Case File 001 – The Sandtrooper That KickStarted The Movement

3 10 2006

This is the story about Sandtrooper 001.

Sandtrooper 001 had arrived at my home on a Thursday afternoon. I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival for weeks. Without delay, I picked up the parcel and scuttle into my study.

“Sknit!” and out came the blade of my cutter. With a precise movement, I ran the blade through the adhesive bindings of the box. It parted the box flaps like the Red Sea. I was then greeted by foreign newspapers upon opening it. I rummaged through it before I found the sandtrooper wrapped in a plastic bag in it. It was supposed to be a loose piece.

Time stopped for a few moments after I pulled out Sandtrooper 001 and beheld the perfect sculpt of his helmet. I ran my fingers over the perfectly proportioned trooper armour that had the nice weathered look befitting a sandtrooper who had a tour of duty on Tatooine.

“I have made it. I finally owned a Marmit Sandtrooper!”, I thought to myself.

And it’s a sergeant trooper with that white pauldron! I began to set it down onto my desk. Man, the feeling when his feet touched the desk was amazing. The feeling of stability conveyed through my fingertips was fantastic! This guy was really stable. He just stood there in all his Marmit glory! I believe, it was better than a Takara figure! A wonderful hallmark of a quality brand that was a shame to have disappeared into obscurity.

It was then that I noticed that there were several pieces of plastic the in wrapping. It seemed that several pieces of the backpack had came off loose. I believe one of them was a piece broken off. No big deal, I can fix it. Anyway, the backpack seemed to be fixed on the wrong way up as seen in the pictures here. I’ll probably have to find some reference pics to confirm it.

I went on to inspect the rifle Sandtrooper 001 was holding. He seemed to be holding onto the rifle with a vice-like grip which was almost unnatural to a figure. My other Marmit stormtroopers held their blasters awkwardly by human standards. Sandtrooper 001’s grip was too perfect. On closer inspection, horror overloaded my mind. His right hand was glued to the rifle grip!

What kind of an a$$hole would do such an uncouth thing to a piece of art like this!??! Damn that idiot! Poor trooper, I cannot imagine how he would go to the gents like this! Other troopers could put their rifles down but not him. It was sad but the flame from having Sandtrooper 001 at home still burnt bright.

In fact, it fueled the final push to my resolve to form TIMRAM! No more will Marmits be manhandled like this! Such mistreatment must stop! The homecoming call has been sounded! All Marmits, come to this place of refuge! Come here where you will be respected!

The hunt has begun!




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26 10 2006
TIMRAM Case File 002 - Sandtrooper002 « SWFTOYS - Reviews, Showcase and Musings

[…] At debriefing, among Sandtrooper002’s personal artifacts included extra sets of hands, blaster, waist pouches and the Dewback stick. There were no visible damage to his armour. The backpack was worn the right way up unlike Sandtrooper001. This guy looked just about perfect. […]

27 01 2009

Hello there, great collection you have. I have one favor to ask from you.

Do you still have the Japanise Marmit Assembly Instructions for this figure, Sandtrooper white patch or pauldron and the backpack?. I really hope you do, and if you do would you kind enought to scan it and send it to me to my direct email; dcasmed@gmail.com it would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your help. Dan

30 10 2010

Best you should edit the post title TIMRAM Case File 001 – The Sandtrooper That KickStarted The Movement SWFTOYS – Reviews, Showcase and Musings to something more better for your blog post you write. I loved the post withal.

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