Comics – Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

1 10 2006

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

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This was one of the first comics I had picked up recently but it sure took me a while to read it till the end. While I bought it because it is immortalised as an excellent classic, I found going through it difficult. I guess it was the artwork that did not sit well with me.

As much as I wanted to identify with the many fans of this comic, I could not. I found that I wanted to keep reading so that I could put it behind me. And I found drawn to my other comic purchases such as the X-Men or Star Wars. Well… you can’t blame me for the latter because I am a Star Wars fan.

However, I must admit that the writing and story is very good. I discovered that I actually appreciated the depth of the story when I returned to read this after reading X-Men and Star Wars! It seemed more mentally stimulating although too much of it at one go still put me to sleep. I still needed the occasional ‘pow’, ‘sknit’ or ‘wham’ kind of action.

I need to be true to my comic taste. Afterall, that was what first got me into reading comic as a kid.

Having said all this, it was still a great exposure to this classic work from Frank Miller. The premise of a forty-something Batman was new to me although it seemed to have been done several times so far… as I had discovered lately. It was inevitable before the comics explored the aging of Batman who is not a mutant.

I did like the gritty pencils when it comes to depicting the Dark Knight but I can’t say the same for those mutants. Thinking back, it was really a comic design so different from mainstream offerings. I mean each page was divided into so many cells loading the reader with a bit of the plot that completes a full picture over time. It was like anti-liasing the jaggies in computer graphics. Everything worked out to become a complete and smooth plot.

While I may not pick it up again to read it completely, I am sure I will look though it again for inspiration somehow in the future. I am glad I found my comics nature through this comic. Now bring on Jim Lee!




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5 10 2006
shaun wong

The art sure put me off this book initially, but since Frank Miller wrote it and it seemed to be comic cannon, I had to sit through it. I like the grittiness and maturity of the book, but its really hard on the eyes! I think Frank Miller did his best work on Batman Year One though. Oh, this book gave us the tumbler, so yeah, credit where credit’s due.

13 10 2006

Glad I found this site, I’ve been searching for something like this for awhile now.

13 10 2006

Welcome knight! Pls look around and enjoy yourself!

21 02 2011
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