Review – Sideshow Star Wars 12″ Mace Windu

30 09 2006

 “He is the traitor!”

Those were the last words of the coolest human Jedi in Star Wars. Played by one of my favourite actors, Samuel L Jackson, Jedi Master Mace Windu was the one Jedi I would not want to mess around with. Deadly serious and intense, Master Windu was also a master of the seventh form of lightsaber swordplay – vapaad. He created it.

I’ve always felt that Master Windu was the one Jedi who looked the most arrogant in those Jedi robes. Strangely though, he was also elegant in them. It was this air of strength about him that made him a great leader within the Jedi Order. With him around, even movie-goers felt safe in their seats!

If one is new to this Jedi, they can check out Wookiepedia’s description of him. Recorded there is the history and exploits that exude commitment to the ways of the Jedi and loyalty to the Order . It was therefore a great shame that one of such stature should fall to his little luxury of trust in someone named Anakin Skywalker.

Holding Darth Sidious at bay with his lightsaber and fry the crap out of the Sith Lord, he had his lightsaber arm severed by Anakin. Defenseless, Darth Sidious blasted him out of the window which was a terrible end to this great warrior. Ironically, he must had griMACEd in pain as he flew out of the WINDow.

The rest is history.

Here is the low-down on Sideshow’s Mace Windu figure.


The Mace Windu figure to get if all you had was the Hasbro versions. Though the headsculpt does not totally resemble Samuel L Jackson, it still conveys the intensity of this Jedi. Everything about this figure is still top-notch considering there is no competition out there at the moment. Accuracy takes a knock height-wise. Sideshow’s Mace is of the same height as Obi Wan. Shouldn’t he be taller? Go get it!

What’s good:

  • Nice expression on Mace’s face. Looks as intense as its movie counterpart.
  • A specially tailored cloak for this Jedi!
  • Interesting accessory – a stump for the severed arm!
  • 4 lightsaber hilts!
  • Comes with Sideshow’s quality in the clothes, details and accessories.
  • Stable figure but nowhere like a Takara.
  • And… the packaging is great… again!

What could be better:

  • Headsculpt if still off if one wants to nitpick on resemblance to Samuel L Jackson.
  • Strange weathered look on the Episode III lightsaber hilts. 

Review Details

Excellent packaging from Sideshow again for this line! Absolutely collector friendly.


My first impression of the face was that it reminded me of one of the ‘infected’ in the movie ’28 Days Later’. Particularly the fella who was chained by the British soldiers so that they could ‘study’ him. After all, Mace’s eyes did looked rather bloodshot.

The headsculpt does not totally resemble Samuel L Jackson. I believe the issue is with the eyes… and the eyes sometimes make or break the resemblance factor. However, this does not make it a bad sculpt. In fact, it is still very good as it carried the same intense look that Mace Windu had in the movies be it when he was pondering over something or confronting an enemy.

With regards to Mace’s height, it is equal to Obi Wan. He was supposed to be taller right? Anyway, Sideshow’s Anakin is about that same height as well. It would be great if Sideshow had paid more attention to the height factor.

Quality of Product

This figure is my fifth from the Order of the Jedi line and the quality is maintained like an unmentioned standard. I guess when you make the initial effort to start out with a good standard for figures, you would probably require lesser effort to maintain it. Fans are appeased but occasionally provide feedback on possible improvements. Any initial pain would had been worthed it.

I am impressed with each figure’s unique details. Look at their hands, the vein lines are unique and not forgotten. Not to mention details down to fingernails and crease lines of the skin. Compare the hands with a Hasbro’s release and you can see the world of difference!

At the retail price, this Mace Windu is great value for its quality! Many thanks to Sideshow for the fantastic pricing!


I found Mace Windu more stable than Obi Wan. It was probably due to the wider boots Mace was outfitted with. It was easy to get Mace stable for the photo shoot. As always, I would still advocate displaying it with the stand that comes with it.


Accessories that came with Mace Windu showed a marked improvement since Obi Wan and Kit Fisto. It had unique stuff like the stump for re-enacting his severed arm, a differently tailored cloak as well as his Episode II and III lightsabers. Ok, the stump may looked to be rather useless as most will pose Mace with both arms but accessories like it brings to remembrance the story behind this character. And that is something special.

I was rather puzzled to see Mace’s Episode III lightsaber to be rather weathered. I had expected a clean look like from the MR releases. Maybe it was to depict the result of Mace’s lightsaber after he was flung out of the window? My personal preference would be a clean look. I feel that there is no place for a weathered lightsaber. Look at Anakin’s lightsaber that was kept by Obi Wan for years and when presented to Luke, it still looked great.


Sideshow’s Mace Windu is probably a welcome after Obi Wan and Kit Fisto started to seem rather ‘standard’ in the accessories department. Mace kept alive our wish that Sideshow will not slide into just churning out new figures based on a template. The template is good and with unique accessories added, Mace Windu is a fantastic package. However, the template has also made all the recent Jedis to be of the same height which is dismal. But it is still better than Medicom’s take on height and size!

Keep it up Sideshow!




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