TIMRAM – Inauguration of TIMRAM

29 09 2006

I’ve been contemplating on putting this matter into action for sometime. Something happened yesterday that sealed my resolve to form this personal vendetta called TIMRAM.

TIMRAM stands for ‘Taskforce for Initiating Mercy Rescue of Abandoned Marmits’. I will write about yesterday’s matter in a separate post later. This post is to officially kick off this ‘secret’ initiative.

So what is TIMRAM all about? Well, as the wonderful abbreviation has spelled out above, it is an initiative or identity to rescue as many Marmits being put on sale out there. TIMRAM is also dedicated for the care and restoration of Marmits. These beautiful figures can be mistreated by their former masters. It is TIMRAM’s mission to give them shelter as well as treating them with the respect they deserve.

I will be posting the case file of the each Marmit I possess. Each of them so far is special in their own way as I have come to notice. I absolutely love them for their quality and accuracy!

Now I need a logo…




One response

5 10 2006
shaun wong

oooh really looking forward to this posts. Marmit had the best quality star wars figures in its time.

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