Review – CM Corp’s Genesic Gaogaigar

15 09 2006

I finally got down to opening up the Genesic Gaogaigar(GGGG) box that had been sitting quietly in my study for months. Unbeknownst to most of the visitors to my home, in that box is found the King of the Braves!

 Let’s get down to the review!


For its hefty price, I was disappointed with the GGGG. As separate Gao Machines, each mecha was great – quite a number of parts were diecast and they looked great! When combined, GGGG had balance problems and was unable to stand steadily. GGGG’s head was like an oversized helmet worn over Genesic Gaigar’s head – very loose. GadgetGao attachment seemed rather insecure. Due to its build, GGGG’s shoulder articulation of the arms was limited. In summary, costly robot that seem too fragile and unstable to pose!

What’s good: 

  • Diecast parts.
  • Complete GGGG accessories included.
  • Transforming it was reminiscient of the transforming sequence in the anime!
  • Heavy!

What could be better:

  • Hefty price.
  • Poor balance for the GGGG.
  • Legs were unable to support the upper body weight of the GGGG.
  • GGGG had limited articulation at the shoulder. Unbable to do a Broken Magnum without putting GadgetGao in danger of falling.

Review Details

As of this review, I am not that into mechas as compared to 12″ figures. Other that the GGGG, I have several Gundam kits and Transformers in my collection. As such, this review would be from the perspective of a GGGG buyer solely because of the ‘wow’ factor from its promo pictures!

Speaking of the promo picture, the GGGG sure looked like a piece of brilliant micro engineering feat. It looked like the Superman of mechas… maybe the darker version of Supe. It’s a meanie and is uncompromising and that what fans like about it!


There really isn’t much too complain about the packaging. The boxart is acceptable…nothing to shout about. The styro packaging is in 2 styro trays making the numerous GGGG parts fit into a pretty sleek box. One thing is for sure… the parts are well-shielded from any knocks. 

Quality of Product 

Ok, I have a little more comments for this department. The separate Gao Machines are fine. They are partially diecast. I believe the SpiralGao and StraightGao has the most diecast content. The least would be GadgetGao. However, GadgetGao is my personal favourite Gao Machine in this package.

The Genesic Gaigar is a joy to behold. A robot that transforms into a lion. As a new piece, the joints are tight but I was careful not to move the feet joints too much when I handled it for fear that a loose joint there would cripple Gaigar. A minor complain for this fella would be that its head had little details. Its all white with two dabs of green for its eyes. It’s looked like plastic straight out of a mould with sanding applied.

ProtectGao and BrokenGao has little diecast content and they looked like toys that came with those small snack packets that I used to buy as a kid. I believe one is modelled like a dolphin and the other a shark. They are largely hollow as they house GGGG’s biceps in them. Be careful of their fins as they can pop out easily. I found that these fins do constrict GGGG’s shoulder articulation somewhat.

StraightGao and SpiralGao are similar machines with different eye colors. Each is heavy due to their diecast bodies. The rubber-tracked wheels are a cool touch and they actually move! Both has bodies that extend when in machine mode and retracts when GGGG is ready to go for a stroll. This movement is pretty smooth and gives a solid feel.

GadgetGao looked the coolest but it had the least amount of diecast. It looked like a futuristic Blackbird. However, I found its feet a little too short and balancing it with its head up is a challenge. In machine mode, GadgetGao’s flexible neck retracts into its body and it doubles as GGGG’s tail when transformed. Although this extension and retraction is done on two separate parts sharing the same movement track, it worked pretty well and there was no problems moving the neck back and forth.

After attaching GadgetGao to Gaigar’s back for the transformation, opening up its wings was a little confusing because the parts seemed so similar to me and there were several movable pieces on one wing! Until now, I am not quite sure if I had got it right.

Parts-wise the quality of the GGGG would be considered good for such a big transforming mecha. While the quality for this transformable GGGG was commendable, I did wished that the parts on each machine for attaching to another during the transformation could be diecast as well for a better fit. However, with more diecast a higher price would to be expected just like Max Factory’s non-transformable GGGG.


Gaigar is very stable when in battroid mode. However, this was largely due to the tight joints at the ankles. So maintain those joints well if you want to preserve Gaigar’s upright form. GadgetGao had the tendency to lean forward due to its short feet. You would have to extend its feet totally to ensure that GadgetGao’s head does not bite the dust when taking a photo! Even then, probably a gust of wind will tip its balance.

Unfortunately, the CM GGGG was also nowhere near stable! When transformed into GGGG, don’t expect GGGG to stand on its own. It was a huge disappointment that such a beautiful mecha was not able to stand on its own feet. GadgetGao seemed too heavy as it tends to pull GGGG back. Poor Gaigar seemed to be in such a burden when it becomes GGGG because its knees buckle when you try to to make GGGG stand straight.

With SpiralGao and StraightGao as its two ‘fat’ feet, the feet just does not rest flatly on the ground. When you try to adjust its standing posture, Gaigars knees buckle to the side from the upperbody weight. I gave up after a few tries. Now GGGG lies on the mirror surface of my display cabinet and he stands on a non-slip fabric! Talk about luxury!

Stability is defintely not a strong point for this GGGG. If you cannot stand a mecha that cannot stand, avoid this!





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16 03 2007

hola…soy un tipo de mexico slp q quiere la serie de gaogaigar y no se como conseguirla, me podrian decir como

16 03 2007

hola gabo, me gustaría contestar a su comentario pero no entiendo lo que usted ha escrito a máquina. ¿tal vez usted puede teclear palabras españolas completas (ningunas abreviaturas) de modo que yo pueda traducirlo? gracias.

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