Comics – Star Wars Clone Wars Vol 1

9 09 2006

“General Kenobi: Years ago, you served my father in the Clone Wars; now he begs you to help him in his struggle against the Empire. “

This line from A New Hope a.k.a Star Wars Episode IV had kept millions of fans in suspense for decades. Everyone wondered what the ‘Clone Wars’ was about. It sure sounded big but it was never unravelled in the original trilogy…. That was before the prequels came along as we all now know. 

Lately, I have taken an interest in the resurrection of one of my past hobbies – collecting comics. It’s largely due to the compilation of many excellent comics of the past into nifty trade paperbags(TPBs).

I would think that my comics collection was pretty large considering my limited resources as a kid then. Well, a chain of events led to me giving my entire collection up. It was my decision. A decision I sometimes looked back and have a tinge of regret. A small tinge that is…

Anyway, the Star Wars Clone Wars TPB series was the main driving force to this resurrection. I would say that my interest now is not so much of collecting but to expose myself to the excellent works of legendary and talented people in the comics industry.

I had been searching for ‘Clone Wars Vol 1 – The Defense of Kamino’ for sometime and this title seemed to be out-of-stock at every local comic shop. Eventually the day came when I was browsing in a particular shop that I spotted it. I picked it up and took a good look at the volume number to confirm that my eyes did not make a mistake. It said ‘1’. I had never seen the cover before!

Anyway, I got my wife to buy it for me as it was my birthday. Sounds cheesy but it is strangely true.

I would say that Volume 1 is a good read. I liked the stories. It revealed the stories of the aftermath of Episode II as well as the after-effects of the War of Geonosis on the Jedis. These little precious nuggets had been left out in the prequels. As a Star Wars fan, I would like to know what happened after Yoda’s ominous statement at the end of Episode II.

The comic opens with the first story ‘Sacrifice’. I believe the story is trying to convey another role that Jedis performed at that time. The main character, Master Quinlan Vos is a spy tracking the moves of the Separatists. Being a spy in this case would require refrain from using the lightsaber in ‘agressive negotiations’. The only lightsaber action is from Master Aayla Secura… and it is good to see her!

The second story is “Defense of Kamino” and as the title suggests, Kamino’s cloning facility is the target of attack from the Separatists. It is essentially 3 stories – “Brothers in Arms”, “Jango’s Legacy” and “No End in Sight”. The Republic’s clone troopers led by their Jedi generals gets involved in its defense. I believe this is where the first mention of an ARC trooper occurred. Plenty of action here. It’s an important story that answers fans questions(after watching Episode 2) that the Separatists should be hitting Kamino since it is the Republic’s barracks.

The last story “Schism” deals with the doubts Jedis have after helping the Republic in the War of Geonosis. Some Jedis who already had doubts about the Republic before that war now find themselves unable to reconcile their Jedi beliefs with the suspect integrity of the Republic. As such, small groups have attempted to break away to stay true to their Jedi roots. Master Mace Windu is dispatched by the Jedi Council to deal with this potential schism. This story reveals a number of interesting Jedis not seen from the movies.

Clone Wars Vol 1 is definitely a good read. The artwork is good although it may not be the best in the comic industry. For the fan, it provides information not mentioned between the prequels. It’s a must-read for Star Wars fans!





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