Incoming – Largest Haul of Sideshow 12″ Figures In A Day!

6 09 2006

After months of pre-ordering Sideshow’s Obi-Wan and Mace Windu, I finally got a call from the local shop to check when will I be collecting these Jedi Knights. Of course I saw to it that I would collect them the next day as I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Collection was today. It seemed ominous that I went off to meet them Jedi Knights after I offloaded another to an online buyer. I had sold off my Hasbro 12″ Qui-Gon Jinn figure. So I lost Qui-Gon and welcomed Obi-Wan – the bearded Obi that is. Rather similar to the prequels I would say!

Anyway, I reached the shop and realised I did not bring my pre-order receipt. I thought that flashing my member’s card would resolve the matter just like a wave of the finger from a Jedi overcame the weak-minded. For a moment, all seemed fine and I was invited to select Obi and Mace from the cartons on the floor.

Half-way through my check on Obi’s face, the guy at the counter informed me that he could not find my pre-order for Obi.

“What?” I exclaimed internally.

“Are you sure?” I asked aloud.

“Ya. I can’t find the record in the computer for Obi’s pre-order”, came the reply.

“Aww… don’t let me go home without Obi!” I exclaimed within myself.

 After verifying my pre-order records on the computer screen, I was resigned to bringing only Mace home. I was certain this was how Luke felt when his step-dad wanted to delay his entry into the Academy for another season. I thought of rushing back to get the receipt and be in time before the shop closed.

Then a thought hit me right from the archives of my neuro databanks. “I pre-ordered Obi before I was a member.” I said. “Oh, maybe I can do a check with your mobile number”, the shop person offered.

8 digits later, my Obi pre-order was unearthed much to my relieve! Off I went to pick Obi from the carton again! After selecting it, I peeked into the Han Solo carton to see how the box looked like. It proved to be a mistake as the nice bluish tinge on the box and the word “Heroes of the Rebellion” kindled a desire within me to pick up Han as well!

I pulled out one box, opened it and examined the figure inside. I found myself rationalising that the figure was not so bad after all. The face might be a little off but maybe I can get a custom sculpt off the Net someday and replace it!

So that is how an errand to pick up 2 Jedi Masters ended with a heroic scoundrel coming along as well!

Check back for the reviews soon!




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