Incoming – CM Corp’s Genesic Gaogaigar!!!

6 09 2006

Well, this CM Corp’s Genesic Gaogaigar(GGGG) isn’t really an incoming since I’ve bought it some months back. However, it’s been stored in its MISB condition since then. So, it’s finally time to unleash this beasty of a mecha from its confines!

I’ve yet to watch the GGGG in action in the anime – just the Gaogaigar(GGG) and Gaofighghar(GFG). Both GGG and GFG were violent and terrifyingly powerful mechas in the anime. I mean, they pound their enemies with such ferocity that is so befitting their macho and cool designs. Their Hell & Heaven power is a devastating move that is often the final move in the anime where GGG rips out the Zonda core from the enemy mecha. This is done often with the “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Gaogaigar!!!” soundtrack playing which sends the viewer’s bloodlust to the top! Read friggin’ cool!

That was how I felt when I saw pictures of the GGGG in an email alert from a local toy store. The awesome sight of it’s muscular forearms, fierce looking visage and the immense stealth bomber hanging upside-down behind it’s back made this a confirmed buy for me!

So what stopped me from releasing this metal beast from its box for so long? Well, for one thing is because I’ve yet to find a suitable display place for it. However, now that has all changed as I have designated a dueling arena to display the GGGG in all it’s beauty!

So the pics in this entry is an appetizer to the real thing which should be out of its box very soon! Check back again!




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