Review – Sideshow Star Wars 12″ Kit Fisto

5 09 2006

In Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith(ROTS), it was a magnificent sight to see 4 Jedi Masters ignite their lightsabers in the office of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine a.k. Darth Sidious. For once, fans thought they would get to see certain less featured Jedi fight. In one corner we have the Jedi – Jedi Master Mace Windu, Jedi Master Kit Fisto, Jedi Master Saesee Tiin and Jedi Master Agen Kolar. In the other we had ONE Sith Lord Darth Sidious.

I still cannot comprehend how 3 Jedi Masters could be cut down in 5 seconds when:

  1. They were Jedi Masters – not Padawans or Jedi Knights mind you.
  2. They were acomplished Jedi swordsmen.
  3. They already had their blades ignited and were in the first swordplay stance.
  4. They outnumber the enemy 4:1 and they were Jedi Masters!

That Palpatine office confrontation remains one of the greatest Star Wars disappointments for me till date as I see accomplished and unnaturally fan-popular Jedi Masters cut down due to shortage of movie-time. Sure, Order 66 was heart-wrenching but those Jedis were either outnumbered or were really taken by surprised. Read – shot in the back or blasted by tanks.

Well, back to the review… now one can understand why Sideshow’s Kit Fisto is a must buy for me when it was announced. So what’s the purpose of this review? It’s a quality check of the figure although the Jedi it ‘s paying tribute to had already scored full marks in my heart.

Sideshow’s Kit Fisto is an excellent figure and is a worthy tribute to the Nautolan Jedi Master who fell a tad to quickly to Darth Sidious in the movie. Fantastic headsculpt, good detailes and quality make this a must get for Star Wars fans and collectors of the Jedi Order. The accessories could had been better though. Remember that Kit Fisto was not made in the Hasbro line.

What’s good:

  • As with the Sideshow Star Wars 12″ line, the box is fantastic.
  • The design of the head (with the ‘tentacles’ and all) is beautiful although it makes the figure top-heavy.

What could be better:

  • While the head is good, it is too heavy for the body making the figure instable.
  • The Jedi robe that Kit Fisto has should cater for this unique head.

Review Details

Excellent, collector-friendly packaging! Love it! Full marks to Sideshow in this department! Nuff’ said!

Please refer to this figure’s Incoming blog for the packaging pictures.

What we have here is the first non-human Star Wars figure from Sideshow. Kit’s gaping mouth was an initial concern for fans but it turns out that it is not a problem after all! In fact, his mouth is probably a tribute to this Jedi Master who was known for his smile.

Anyway, Kit’s head is beautiful and the proportions look good. Nothing seems to be out of place. Maybe that’s why the head is comfortable to look at. I would say it’s dead-on in terms of resemblance for the Jedi that it takes after.

Quality of Product

It is obvious that much effort was put into sculpting and producing this Kit Fisto figure. I must highlight that the details are pretty good! Kit’s tentacles are ‘neatly’ tied up behind his head instead of the ‘all-over-the-place’ look in the animated Clone Wars series. Each tentacle is beautiful and is dotted with green spots as well as realistic creases of the skin.

Check out Kit’s hands below. Sideshow has gone to the trouble of detailing the creases of the skin at the finger joints. It sure is a welcome sight, a realistic deviation from all the other numerous 1/6 bodies that had flawless ‘skins’.

I took this shot of Kit’s boots because they are so beautiful! I mean, these boots beat any Nikes hands down! Wonderful thread , buckle details and a great paintjob make this probably the best accessory on this figure!

The accessories that came with Kit Fisto were not very imaginative of Sideshow. Well, it is hard to fault them actually because they do not own this character and the details of making this figure would have been screened by Lucas Film.

However, I’m still disappointed that whoever had the authority to make decisions did not include accessories that were probably unique to Kit Fisto. I mean, Luke had his rancor bone. Anakin had his battle-damaged robotic arm. Kit Fisto had the Jedi Comlink and Jedi Holoprojector… err…

Ok, maybe Kit Fisto was not a major character in the Star War movies but he had a bigger part in the Animated Clone Wars movie right? Surely there was something that was uniquely his that could be given greater prominence! It would have added more colour to this character!

Anyway, the other accessories were the lightsaber hilt and the version with the green ignited blade. When Sideshow’s Luke first came out, the accessories were facinating. With Kit, it had become ‘the standard Jedi gear’. I really hope Sideshow could improve in the accessories department.


Sideshow’s Kit Fisto is an excellent figure. It scores well in areas such as the sculpt, details and quality. All these 3 factors already make up a figure worth buying. Add fandom to it, you do not need to hestitate another second!

Since getting this figure, I have learnt more about this Jedi Master from Internet ‘archive records’. This added dimension has helped me appreciate this Jedi Master that was never produced in 12″ format even more.

The accesories were well-produced but they lack the character’s identity imprint present with Sideshow’s previous 2 releases – Luke and Anakin. But it is still a minor gripe as the excitement of gradually seeing my Jedi Order coming together far outweighs that!

Get it. It’s a real looker! Now… where’s Obi Wan?




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