Incoming – Parcel 1: Gentle Giant 1/6 Scale Boba Fett Statue

27 08 2006

My wife informed me 3 days ago that a parcel had arrived! Well, well… I went to my study to find it and my mind screamed, “My first Gentle Giant artpiece had arrived!” Needless to say, I was most thrilled as I had only got this from eBay as the deal was better than what I could get locally. Imagine, it was still a better deal after the shipping charges! Think: very good lobang(deal)!

Well, what I got was a 1/6 scale Boba Fett from Return of the Jedi(ROTJ). Although, the Empire Strikes Back paint scheme for Boba Fett’s armour will always be my favourite, Mr Quiet Bounty Hunter’s other paint scheme came a close second because… it’s Boba Fett!!!!!

Opening the package, I saw the box wraped in plastic with paper padding both sides of it. After lifting out the box, I spent a while marveling at the box design. The first thing that I noticed was that the box is in super-mint condition! I’m not someone who bothers too much about toys’ boxes but this box caught my attention with its straight edges and lack of creases on its surface. Good seller!

The front and sides of the box art shows the actual statue on the skiff barge that took Luke and gang to the Pit of Carkoon in ROTJ. Seeing the picture, I wondered if the Boba did had this pose in the movie. Must go and re-watch that segment again! The back of the box had some bio data on Boba. His rifle also looks different from the rifles of the Kotobukiya and Marmit Boba figures that I have. And check out what the bottom of the last picture says… the Royal Guard is coming soon!

I forgot to mention that the box was heavy!

Well, I’ll do a review of the statue in a day or two. Stay tuned!




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